Wheel Alignment

If you’re tyres seem to be wearing down a little too quickly, it could be down to a number of reasons. Ask any Sunday morning mechanic what the problem is and, following a quick kick of the tyres, you’ll be met with a knowing nod and the exclamation: “That’ll be the tracking, that!”

And they might well be right – well, half right at least. Correcting a vehicle’s tracking usually only sets the two front wheels straight, so if the two back wheels remain out of alignment your car could still suffer from crooked steering, pulling and tyre wear.

Cars are becoming increasingly complex, but it makes no difference how sophisticated your engine, design and on-board computers are: your vehicle simply won’t work properly if the wheels don’t all point in the same direction.

That’s why it makes sense to have your wheel alignment checked and corrected as required.

Transformation of the wheels

Alloy Wheel Damage Comes in the Following Ways:
  • Scuffs and scrapes on the rim and or on the face caused by kerbing the wheel
  • Lacquer corrosion ie: paint bubbling / white spider trails beneath the surface in the case of polished wheels

This damage will affect the appearance of the vehicle and potential sales value of the car. In the case of lease hire and company cars this damage will be noticed upon the return inspection and will be charged at expensive in-house rates to rectify.

If your alloy wheels have seen better days, let Tillings transform the look of your pride and joy by refurbishing your scuffed, scratched or corroded wheels. We offer a specialist, mobile service at your home or convenient place of work at down-to-earth prices throughout Preston.